Friday, June 19, 2020

A Friday Afternoon Ramble

Good afternoon from the rancho.  Didn't get to the computer this morning as I was driving Mr. Daisy to the eye doctor.  I took my morning walk through the neighborhoods around the doctor's office.  Nice to see some new vistas.  I love to peek in people's yards, checking out the flowers and outside decorating ideas.  I know, sounds creepy but I don't go INTO the yards.  LOL

Lots going on in my garden.  Strawberries are throwing out runners, tomatoes are almost ready and the amount of zucchini I'm harvesting is almost obscene. 

The other morning we had zucchini and eggs for breakfast.  I'm getting desperate.  LOL  Added some cheese, spinach and salsa verde.  Yummy.

While cleaning out my kitchen drawers, I found four potatoes that were growing vines.  I felt bad and didn't want to throw them away.  So...I am now the proud owner of a potato pot.  At least I'm giving them a chance.  LOL  Doesn't look like much, but I'm hopeful.

My roses have started blooming again.  I love my roses and the reminder of my dad.


Not much on the stitching front.  I got in about an hour at the doctor's while waiting, but I seem to be stitching at a snail's pace.  Honestly, a snail is probably stitching faster than me right now.  LOL

California is back to wearing masks in public.  Surprise...I never stopped.  LOL  It makes me sad that so many people complain that wearing a mask makes them a sheep and it's the government's way of controlling the masses.  The mask isn't for me, it's for others.  What if I'm the carrier?  Sigh.  People make me tired.

I hope that all have a lovely weekend.  Stay safe.  Be kind to one another.


  1. Peering in peoples' yard is not creepy. Heck, I will even peer in windows if I am!
    Your roses are always so lovely. I can almost smell them, especially that last one. I bet is has a citrus-y scent :)

    1. LOL I didn't want to say it...but I do the window thing too! The last is a Voodoo rose and does have a lovely scent.

  2. I miss having my garden. I enjoy seeing yours my friend. I wear my mask in public, even though it is not mandatory here. It should be everywhere in the US. Yes, people are so selfish. Have a great day my friend!

    1. I grew up with a garden and for the past 10 years or so have put in a few container plants. This is the first year that I've gotten out of control. LOL I think once I planted the asparagus, I was in it for the long haul. Have a great Sunday.