Saturday, October 25, 2014

Slow Motion Saturday

Moving pretty darn slow this Saturday. Slept almost 10 hours. How can someone be so tired and still function every day? Last weekend was busy, busy, busy. The week never gave me a break. By last night, moving from the chair to the couch was about all the exercise I could do. I've done a little stitching this week, in between my 8 pm shower and 9 pm bedtime. LOL

This is a cute, little pattern for a dear friend. Pattern is by Barbara Ana. The wording will say...Hand over the coffee and no one gets hurt. This designer is all over the board. Some whimsy, some more intense sampler-types. I really like quite a few of her holiday patterns (have several!), but when I saw this, just knew that I had to have it! I love coffee, but my friend...well, let's just say she should get it through an IV! LOL Barbara Ana is available at stores, but if you need instant gratification, Creative Poppy is a great place to get downloads. All the fun with no shipping costs!

Today is the First Annual Golden Oak Honey Festival. Hubby is pretty insistent that we go. Not sure why, never thought he was a big honey lover. If we take of Dad, get him fed and stuff, we might be able to fit in an hour or so. We will see. That does mean that I need to start moving just a bit faster this morning. I am dressed and the bed is made. I thought I was ahead. Oops! Off to finish chores and go to town. Be kind to one another.

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