Saturday, October 11, 2014

Well, That Was a Crappy Week....

TGIS...thank goodness it is Saturday! It was one of those weeks. I never seemed to catch up, barely made it through each day. Between work and home, there are just not enough hours in the day. DH is pushing hard for a weekend away, but honestly, I just can't get excited. It seems that the more that I do, the more that I need to do. The amount of work that needs to be done to get away, just doesn't seem worth it. I know that I need a break, but it is all I can do to drag myself through each day. This is the start of the new quarter at work, so I need to get my behind in gear. And looking around my house? Where the hell did all this crap come from? I know that I live with a hoarder and after 30 years, I should be used to it. The inside of the house isn't really bad, I keep most of the stuff in his closet and his side of the bed. But about every 3 months, I have to clear the items on the counters and extra couch that he just "dropped" until the next day. Except it isn't the next day. It is NEVER. He set down a car part once, just a small box really, by the front door. We have a basket there to catch tools, etc, that need to head back outside. IT SAT THERE FOR SIX MONTHS. Yep, six months. Every time I asked about it, oh yeah, I'll take that outside. Please note that he has at 1400 square foot shop, with a loft. He has room, just not the concern that maybe I don't want car parts in the house. And we do not want to talk about the empty plastic containers that he just has to have. We have a recycle bin in the kitchen. I put the containers in the bin, he takes them back out and sets on the counter. He is "going to take them out to the shop". Nope, I wait a couple of weeks, throw them out in the big recycle at the street. He has been known to dig through that, so I try to bury them in the regular recycle. Oh well....

Some good sharing. I finished my dolly blanket. It is so cute and my friend's little girl loves it!

I promised that I'd have it done before her new sibling arrived. Yay, made that goal. LOL

I will start working on my next quilt today, even if I just get it cut out. I have friend that is a cancer survivor, so am doing various shades of pink, pieced as a rail fence. I think it will be pretty, even though I'm really not a "pink" girl. It's not that I don't love pink, just not ALL pink.

And, I'm stitching on an ornament, cross stitch, Little House Needleworks. I have several already kitted up, just need to stay focused. I've been working on this one about 45 minutes a day, the little bit of time between my shower and bed. LOL These are easy to stitch and are just the right size to make into an ornament or mount on a box. I finished one as a fancy box at last year's finishing retreat, may take a few more with me to next year's retreat.

Off to start my chores. DH is off to a motorcycle club meeting, so it will be a quiet morning for me. Be kind to one another.

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