Sunday, November 2, 2014

Companion For Brothers...

Quick update on yesterday's surprise. A few months ago, my cousin gifted me a very special painting of my dad and uncle.

I had contacted the artist and told her how special this painting was. How it made me remember better times with my dad. How it reminded me of how he was before dementia clouded his mind.

Forward to a few days ago...I received an email from the artist, telling me that she had a gift for my family, a companion piece to "Brothers". She wrote that as my cousin had gifted the painting to me, she was gifting me a painting for my cousin. This painting is of my uncle alone. It is from the back, but for those of us that know him well, there is no question of who it is. It is in the way he sits on the horse, the turn of his body. This painting is done during the same era of round-ups. The best part of the story is that it is not my uncle's horse. He had woken up early that day and loaded his horse in the dark. As the day lightened, he realized that he had loaded the wrong horse. He would be working off of his granddaughter's green-broke horse that day!! The painting is wonderful, but the story makes it even more special.

I am so thankful to the artist for sharing her memories of my family. She said that the painting is mine to do with as I like. If I decide to keep the painting, she understands. I think that I will keep the second painting for a while, add to my memories, and then gift it to my cousin. I will always remember the amazing kindness of the artist...

On the stitching front, I finished my coffee pattern. I will swing by Michael's today and see if I can find a frame. The colors in this pattern are great. This is by Barbara Ana. Cute, cute, cute!

Be kind to one another.

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