Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weekend Report on Wednesday...

Update on my trip to Rancho was a 36 hour break from reality. The drive down was not too bad, traffic was pretty heavy on the way back. At least there wasn't a lot of roadwork. It seems that California only does major repairs during holidays. Guess I lucked out going between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still cannot believe that I drove eight hours round trip to visit for 14 hours. What was I thinking? LOL All I can say is...I am a pretty darn good friend!

Absolutely no pictures. Another, what was I thinking? It was a very nice visit. My friend's daughter is beautiful, inside and out. She is blond with big blue eyes, but the wonderful part is her sweet disposition. I'm sure that when she has had enough, her stubborn side will come out. After all, she is her father's daughter. LOL But even at her young age, she seems to genuinely like people. She will smile and engage in conversation, but still knows better than to go to just anyone. Her parents have included her in all aspects of their business life (they own a dance studio), so she is used to seeing lots of different people. I am so very proud of my friend. I have watched him go from an awkward teenager to a great father. ...Oh, and, they want to home school! I was very encouraging, but still gave them the usual lecture. "Understand that this is a family project, it will include everyone, not just your student. It will be difficult, probably make YOU cry, and will be the most amazing time of your and your child's life". I think that if they stay in the LA area, it will be a better choice to home school. Just too much danger in the public schools in their area. One of their close friends is a home school family, so I think they will have a great support system.

A first for me, IMAX theater. Oh. My. Goodness. It was amazing! As my friend and I were chatting, he mentioned a great IMAX theater in the mall. I said that I have never been to that type of movie. He had us in the car and on our way. Granted, walking up five flights of stairs to get to our seats was a bit much, and I did not make any bathroom trips, but it was great! We saw Interstellar. It was the perfect first IMAX movie. I could not believe that even if you leaned over, the bottom of the screen was just as clear as the top. Yep, I would go again in a heartbeat. Even with the stairs!

Weekly visit from the nurse. No change with Dad. He hasn't really spoken in a few weeks. I don't think he's called me by name in three or four months. It makes me so sad. My dad was my entire life. I really, really, really was a "daddy's girl". I try so hard to remember the good times. As each day passes, it's getting harder and harder to get through the every day crap. I know that sounds harsh, but it is so hard to watch someone die just a little bit every day. I ask why, but there are no answers. Once again, I remind myself that at least he is not in pain.

No update on the stitching front. I stitched a little on my ornament while I was down south. I really need to finish this before Christmas. THIS CHRISTMAS, thank you very much. I cannot believe how a little, tiny ornament is kicking my behind. I need to focus! LOL

Enough whining and mumbling. I am off to finish my dad duties. Be kind to one another.

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