Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Much More White Do I Need To Do?

This is the ornament I've been working on for WEEKS that should have taken DAYS, but I've been sidetracked by punch needle, and quilting, and making rusty jingle bells, and SQUIRREL! LOL All I can say is that I am trying to get it done before Christmas. Only a tiny bit of white for the snowman and I will be finished.

All quiet on the home front. Dad seems a little slower than usual, but we haven't seen the nurse this week, so really no news to share. It hurts my heart to see him get further and further away. Nothing I can do, but it still hurts.

Drought report...we've received a half inch of rain this last storm. I go out every few hours to check my rain gauge, as if staring at it will make it fill any faster. I watch little green patches appear in the fields and say a quick thank you to God. We need the rain desperately. We still run a few cows and we need grass. We've supplemented with hay year round for several years now and had to sell down from about 100 head to less than 30 just to be able to keep them fed. I am so ready to be done with this drought...

I am making a quick weekend trip to visit a friend down south. I haven't been to visit him and his family for over two years. When my son moved to the Bay Area, it was around the same time that my dad came to live with me and my husband. I had to choose my trips very carefully, so....I went to the Bay Area to visit my son. Now that he is in Iowa, I won't be making any weekend trips to visit him. Los Angeles is not my favorite area to visit. The traffic seems worse than the Bay and it goes on forever....but I have known this person for over 12 years, so I really need to suck it up and make the drive. And, if I leave a little earlier than I planned, I can make a side trip to Garden Grove to visit Needlepoint LTD. It isn't my first choice for an LNS, because it focuses on needlepoint, but it does have a nice selection of fibers and threads. Sometimes you can find some pretty fabric from Picture This Plus. I don't need fabric ( I've been picking up extra every time I go to Elegant Stitch), but of course I will look! Since I started needle punching, I may look for a few pretty threads.

Off to finish chores and I should be getting dinner started. Be kind to one another.


  1. I love this LHN ornament design :)

    1. Thank you very much! LHN has great ornament designs. And if I stayed focused, would be able to do in a weekend. LOL