Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Prize, A Finish, and a Christmas Update

So, I think (LOL) that I mentioned last week that I had won Day 15 at the Victorian Motto Shoppe's 25 Days of Christmas. Wow! Santa Nancy was SO generous. First, two of her patterns. Yummy. Then, three packages of her amazing hand-dyed chenille. More yummy. the last bag, this is what I found:

Are these not the most beautiful colors? So bold and filled with color, I can't wait to use them!

And then here is my latest finish in the punch needle world.

I like this one quite a bit. Not sure what I am going to do with it. After my last fiasco with the beads, I am almost afraid to do the same to this one. LOL

Very quiet Christmas at our house. My sister and brother stopped by with their kids, but other than that, it was just me, Dad, and DH. My son will be here January 5th. I think that will be our happy time. Dad is quiet. I am hoping that he makes it until Ryan gets here. We remind him several times a day that his grandson will be here in a few weeks. I am sure he understands, he just can't respond.

DH was very sweet. Picked up a new Stephan King book for my gift, along with a key chain fob that he made. Oh yeah, and he got me my own little flashlight! He hates when I use his and don't return it to the proper space. I'm not really sure why he thinks that getting me my own flashlight will stop me from using his. LOL LOL LOL I can tell you that it won't even slow me down. LOL LOL LOL

Made a bit more fudge today. Okay, made a LOT more fudge today. Three more batches: peppermint, heath bar, and peanut butter. I've got a bit of coconut already toasted, so I may make one more batch this season.

My boss gave me tomorrow off! All the food has been ordered for next quarter and we can't start anything for fourth quarter for a few weeks. With today and the weekend, that makes for a four day weekend. I will be on call as usual, but that is okay. I am counting tomorrow off as a "bonus day". I didn't cancel daycare for Dad, so I will have five hours to do something special for me. No real plans, just a day to regroup and get some rest. I did take a little nap this afternoon in between Dad chores, but I always seem to be tired, so tomorrow will be nice. Even if I don't do anything, I will not need to get up at 4 am and put on clothes and make-up!

Heading down to the other end of the house. Maybe a bit of stitching, a little bit of tv watching. There hasn't been anything on all day worth watching, so I may need to pick out a movie from my VHS/DVD collection. Yep, I said VHS! I've still got a few left...I really need to get my favorites on DVD. I know that the life of a VHS tape is limited, so I should get the DVD while they're still available. I'm sure as soon as I switch over, there will be some new technology that comes along and I will have to start all over.

I hope that everyone has the holiday that they kind to one another.

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