Sunday, October 23, 2016

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk...and The Cow Parade

Happy Sunday evening from the rancho.  Today was the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in San Luis Obispo.  A friend is a four year survivor and invited me to walk with her and her family. It was my honor.  My pink scarf was a gift to her and finished just in time!!  I was binding off at 9 PM last night.  LOL

The walk is held at the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, found by Father Serra in 1772.  It is beautiful and still an active parish.  It is right in the middle of town and next to a seasonal creek.  It has walkways and lots of areas to just sit and enjoy the quiet.

And a pink rose...I think it was celebrating our walk, too.  SMILE.

Here is the starting line:

It was only a three mile walk...and I'll be honest, with all my chattering, we seemed to finish in no time. LOL This group has raised over $40,000 just this year to fight breast cancer.  Save the TaTa's!!

On the walk, we passed by the San Luis Obispo "Cow Parade".  The cows are "enhanced" by local artists and are spread throughout the town to be enjoyed by all.

The abundance of California...

The Day of the Dead...

Right outside the Mission.  Seems a little odd to dress up the cow as a Franciscan monk...but the missions are a huge part of California. LOL

And who would this sweet face represent?  Another Day of the Dead Cow! LOL

Our county fair...

It says the Royal Cow...I'm a little fuzzy on how this represents our county.  I should have read the placard more thoroughly...

And a Texas cow in California?  LOL

Next to the mission is a Carnegie Library.  Paso Robles (my home town) and San Luis Obispo both have their original libraries, though are now used by the local historical societies as museums.  I feel fortunate to still have these buildings in my county.  So many were demolished in California.

If you look carefully, you can see the "Free Library" over the door.  The gray rock was blasted out of the Morro Bay Rock, about 15 miles away.  The Rock is now a protected area.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I am off to work on my next project...if I can keep my eyes opened. Have a wonderful and be kind to one another.


  1. A great walk through that town. Thanks for sharing all these pictures. Very impressive to see the cow parade, some cows are very Halloween-ish, some others somehow historical, some others just a piece of art. All very interesting.
    Wonderful that you could finish the scarf for your friend in time. That's a really gorgeous pink.

    1. Thank you!! I know that there are a few more cows...I'll need to check the "cow map" and try to get a few more pictures.

      I love that pink, too! I have one more skein, who knows what I could use it for!

  2. Wow! That was a quick scarf Angela! A beautiful one too. I really enjoyed the pictures you shared of your walk. I enjoyed learning more of your area. What a treasure that church is!

    1. Good morning, Vickie. Nothing like worsted yarn and size 8 needles to help you speed along! LOL As we walked by the mission, service was just letting out. The music sounded so beautiful...

  3. Lovely pictures! I loved seeing all the cute cows. The mission looks like it would be a lovely place to walk and think and pray. The pink scarf is just so pretty and awesome. I know your friend will love wearing it and think of you every time she did! Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

    1. I am fortunate. There are three missions within 40 miles of me and all still serve their communities. Two are a little more worn than San Luis Obispo, but still so beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Your scarf is lovely. What a thoughtful gift.
    LOVE the Franciscan cow. Too funny.
    Beautiful library. We have a couple of them in our area and one is still a library.
    Hugs :)

    1. Thank you. I am so happy to hear that there are still some Carnegie Libraries in use!! California has either demolished or re-purposed so many.

  5. The painted cows are wonderful urban artwork. I love when cities dream up these ideas. Your scarf and walk...both wonderful. And wasn't that just the best thing Carnegie did with some of his money...libraries and put them other places too not just the US. We have over a 100 of them in Canada. Thanks for showing us Angela.

    1. You're welcome. SMILE. I can remember when I was in grammar school, the library was the place to be. Our Carnegie Library was still in use when my son was young. The children's section was in the basement. He LOVED to go down and pick out new books.

  6. Love the cows!!!
    In our capital city, Jackson, we had catfish several years ago....painted like your cows! They were very creative and bright. (Belzoni is the catfish capital!!!)
    The Franciscan cow is quite funny!