Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ze Plane!

Ze plane, Boss, ze plane!!  LOL  (Fantasy Island reference if you feel the need to look it up.  LOL)

It is almost time...for Baby Boy to fly in to the Bay Area.  I will be counting the hours tomorrow.  He wants me to pick him up on Saturday.  Hmmm.  I'm trying to respect his personal space, but honestly, once he's in California, he's in MY personal space.  No respect necessary.  LOL

On the craft front, almost done with my scarf.  Just to bring to your attention, trying to make random stripes is much, much harder than it looks.  LOL Should have this finished by the weekend.

Once again, poor care of my orchids has paid off.  I have spikes on both my phalaenopsis and dendrobium.  LOL  My outside cymbidium is still hanging in there, too.

And now, here is Moto and George sharing George's bed.  First, George doesn't like Moto.  He avoids him like the plague.  If Moto is sitting in the hallway, George will wait until the cat moves.  It is embarrassing.   Today, Moto decided that it was too cold to sit on the tile, didn't feel like staying on my lap, and for some reason, walked right over and plopped his behind right next to George.  Oh my, if looks could kill.  But neither of them would give an inch.  LOL  It wasn't until I stood up that George decided it was safe to complain by woofing at Moto...not that Moto gave a bunny's butt...he just stalked away like he had somewhere else to go.  LOL

I am off to finish up the evening.  If anyone has an extra two hours a day, please send them my way.  I just never seem to have enough time to finish all my projects.  LOL

Wishing each of you an amazing week.  Be kind to one another.


  1. That scarf is nearly finished, isn't it? And it looks great with those random stripes. I hope they were not too hard to place :)
    I have been looking for these extra two hours myself but couldn't find them anywhere, lol.

    1. I have never met a person who said...oh, I just have too much time on my hands! LOL I've started the last strip of black. Only about 10 inches left!

  2. Moto and George crack me up!! George is so HUGE and yet he is still a bit nervous of old Moto. ;)

    1. I believe that the word you are looking for is terrified. LOL I think that Moto is setting him up. I'm getting to the point that I'm starting to feel sorry for George! LOL

  3. That scarf with the colour block type stripes is looking really sharp.
    We have a bit of a face off with our two dogs. Murphy reigns in the house and Rex outside. They boss each other in their respective realms. It is always funny to watch. But George would not be the first big dog intimidated by a little cat. Lots of funny videos to prove it. Enjoy the big visit!

  4. Scarf looks great!
    Animals are so funny, yet they seem to work it all out!!