Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sit Down, Hold Your Breath, I've Got a Finish!

Happy Sunday evening from the rancho!

I was a slacker all week.  As soon as I sat down after dinner, I was out like a light. I would have to wake up to go to bed.   LOL  Spent yesterday doing chores, yard work, and a bunch of stitching.

Yesterday I put in some serious "sit on my behind on the couch" time to catch up.  I was three quarters done by 8 pm, ready to head to bed.  Then, I got a call from my friend, Gracie.  She was not feeling well. As in so bad she needed to go to the hospital.  I, of course, then spent the next four hours worrying about her and getting updates by text.  Since I was awake anyway,  I just kept stitching. The doctor finally made a decision to keep her overnight around midnight.  The same time that I finished my project.  LOL

This is a free pattern called Grand Old Flag from Notforgotten Farm.  I chose my own colors and added the star since I thought it was cute.  It is not as washed out as it looks in this picture.  LOL

My amaryllis is looking fabulous!!

I have cut way back on sugar and sugar substitutes.  No chocolate, no Diet Mt. Dew, and no ice cream for a week.  I don't hurt as bad as I thought.  LOL  I feel like I am resetting my sweet tooth.  One of the things that I am drinking is green tea.  We have a wonderful spice/tea shop in our town, so I made a little stop last week to pick up supplies.  I found a green tea/pomegranate blend and a Moroccan Mint/green tea.  It took a few days, but I'm starting to acquire a taste for both.  LOL Since it is loose leaf, I needed a strainer. The very nice lady at the shop suggested the style that fits on the sides of your cup.  It gives lots of space for the tea to steep.  Even better is this "travel" cup.  Your dry tea goes in one side, your strainer on the other!!  All you need to ask for is a cup of hot water and you are in business.  I thought this would be a nice thing to have when I go to my son's

My next project is a Hands On Design, My Stitcher's Heart, that was designed for Elegant Stitch in Modesto (my LNS!).  I will do all the stitching at home, then up to Modesto in September for a class on putting it all together!!  I don't usually do fussy patterns, but this is so pretty, and very easy.  And I get to hang out with Lois and all my stitcher friends.  LOL


This is the pattern.  If you are interested in more information, check out the Elegant Stitch Facebook site or Hands On Design Youtube video,

It is time for me to head back to my stitching spot.  Be kind to one another.


  1. Christmas Chorus is adorable with the button hanger. Love the Antioch Quilt Block. Good for Chris! Your salad garden is fantastic!! Moo looks very, very happy. :D

    1. Vickie, is this some sort puzzle? LOL I have a herd of moos, they live in a field and snack on hay. LOL I hope you have an amazing week!

  2. Your Flag Maker is so lovely. I like yours much better than mine! Oh such your amaryllis blooms are awesome! Ok, I like the pattern you put up, I can't wait to see your progress on this one. Very pretty. Nothing sweet at all? Not even in your tea? Seriously, nothing in your tea? Come on you can tell us, we won't rat you out....nothing? Hold on I can't seem to grasp that concept....nothing sweet? I think I need to sit down a moment. :) Hope you are having a lovely day sweet friend. I am gonna go check out the info on the cool pattern you put up. ((hug)) blessings to you always my sweet friend. :)

    1. Well...I've tried honey and agave. I don't really care for the taste of either. They leave a weird coating on my tongue. And they are both still sugar. I read up on Stevia...I know I don't like the straight powdered, very bitter. Truvia is mostly chemicals and 1% stevia. It seems like the middle road is a product called SweetLeaf....I am trying that now. But, either way, I've cut down from three Sweet N Low packets in 24 ounces of tea down to 1/4 tsp. of SweetLeaf. We'll see how that goes...

      All stitching is beautiful, silly. If it all looked exactly the same, how boring would that be!

  3. Oh great, Angela, you have such a lovely finish. And very early for the beginning of July. The next project you have in mind looks just gorgeous.
    The Elegant Stitch was the first cross stitch store I ever visited in the US. And the first ever cross stitch store that deserves this name. And believe me, I have fond memories of that visit. Memories like: I bought this chart and that thread and found a gazillion of things in the sale's bin, lol.

    1. Good morning, Brigitte. I love, love, love this LNS! Even if it's four hours away, it's MY LNS. Lois is one of the most giving women I know and over the years she has become one of my husband's favorite, too. He isn't allowed to sit outside while I'm shopping. She will go outside and MAKE him come in to stay cool. LOL

      I've went to several of her workshops and learn something new every time. It was at one of them that I learned to wax boxes! And her tiny pom poms, yummy!

  4. Grand Old Flag is lovely and your new project is gorgeous. I can see why it caught your eye. It sounds like you are doing great with the sugar reduction. I think every little bit is a help. I sometimes forget about tea but when I do drink it, I love it and think I should drink more of it. Especially these new mixtures that are so interesting. Love your tea paraphernalia. LOL

    1. My tea paraphernalia? Oh my goodness, I have visions of hidden alleyways, dark, scary looking people digging in a brown paper bag, looking for that last fix of green tea. LOL Thank you for the giggle!

      It's not like a NEEDED a new project...LOL But we all know that NEED is not the point. Sigh.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. I hope your friend is okay. At least that stitching was therapy for your nerves while you were waiting for news.

    Your stitching looks great. I love the cute star embellishment.

    Wow! That flower looks gorgeous :) We have roses and irises blooming right now.

    That will be an adorable set once you finish it.

    One day I'll make time for a stitching retreat. Sounds like a lot of fun :)

  6. Oh, and tea looks yummy. I love Chai spice teas or black teas though I wouldn't say no to a green tea either!!

    Good luck with your 'no sugar' :) Your body gets used to it, I know that for sure :)

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