Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting On With The Day

So very early...everyone is quiet at my house. It seems that the more I need to sleep, the less I do. My mind starts to go to my job, to my craft projects, to the housework that I didn't finish yesterday, to my dad. All of us were horribly sick last week. My dad started with it, passed it to husband, and I finished it up three days later. It was really difficult to see my dad so sick. Not sure where this illness came from, but with so many caretakers and others in and out of the house, who knows? I was worried enough that I made a call to hospice. I was assured that he wouldn't dehydrate after only 24 hours, but they would be by to see us the next morning. He was bright-eyed and bushy tailed by 11:00 am the next day, but this illness left a lasting impression. The nurse said that he looked okay(considering that he is on hospice), and when it got to DAYS and WEEKS, she would let me know. Days and weeks? I guess since we've been on hospice for six months, I sort of forgot that there would be an end. It is easier to just live day by day, not thinking about the future in a solid form. I really don't think much about the day that I won't be caring for someone. But I ramble... The point is, being ill made me realize that my dad is COMPLETELY dependent on my husband and I for his day to day care. If one of us gets sick, the other has to pick up the slack. This scared me, a lot. I need to stay healthy. I've been slowing down, not exercising like I should, not eating right, not taking care of myself. I need to get my act together. I need to pick my butt up off of the couch and do that walk. Skip having dessert every night. Caring for myself is the least I can do for my dad and husband. We are all we have right now. Be kind to one another.

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