Sunday, June 1, 2014

Can I Have a "V"?

Can I have a V? Can I have an A? Can I have a C? Yes, it is vacation time!! Can I have a big whoo hoo? Because of my job, I cancelled several vacations in the last six months, just taking a day or two here and there. I am so ready and as another supervisor has graciously taken over the afterhours sick calls, I am free for two weeks! No sleeping with my phone, waiting for that ominous tone that tells me I'll be waking up the rest of the staff, trying to cover a shift. I am a lucky girl. I don't have a lot planned, first week is for chores and doctor's appointments. You know, all those tests you need after 40. I have several family members with colon issues, all the way to colon cancer. I did my first colonoscopy at 45. I am on my third, just to make sure there are no secrets lurking in there. For those who think that it is too intimate, too embarrassing, think again. Just consider how intimate it is to have someone remove part of your colon and attach a bag. Get the test, group. Other than that, I think I will have a good vacation! LOL I've got some stitching planned, a little quilting, and maybe a trip to visit my son. And, if I head north, we all know that I'll be taking a side trip to Modesto. After all, it would only be one hour out of my way. I've been working in the yard, little by little catching up on removing all the dead stuff from our freeze last winter. It's tough with the water issues in our area. We've been in a drought for several years, and being on a well, we are extra careful with watering. I've lost several trees and rose bushes, just trying to keep the rest alive until the drought breaks. My dad is still hanging in there. We are one year into hospice. We have caregivers during the week, only 5 hours a day, but I am going to keep them during my vacation. That way, I can get stuff done without worrying about him. It is hard, but I know in my heart that taking care of him at the end is the right thing to do. So, off to start my day. First cup of coffee was pretty tasty, may just have to have one more. Be kind to one another.

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