Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Honoring All Who Served

To all those that have served our country, thank you.  


  1. I visited my great uncle's grave this morning and left him my poppy pin. He and his brother were in a cafe somewhere when the Germans stormed in. They hid under a table and were the only 2 not taken prisoner that day.

  2. Kim, what a wonderful way to honor your great uncle.

    My dad served in the Seabees. He was a lineman for Pacific Gas and Electric. When he went to the recruiters, they told him that he was already trained and that it would be safer in the Seabees. The first time he was on the top of a pole putting up an electrical line in the Pacific, a sniper was taking shots at him and his battalion. Someone was not quite truthful. Dad never said much about his time in the service, except that we would never lamb since they had served mutton on the ships and he couldn't stand the smell. LOL