Sunday, July 24, 2016

I'm Here, I'm Here!

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, though I have managed to have zombied through the past two weeks.  LOL  It's is exhausting to get old.

My computer came down with the blue screen of death.  It is at the computer doctor now. It is over six years old, but I would like to get the pictures off.  I usually back everything up on a flash drive,  but slacked off the past few months.

I finished my slub scarf and  started on my stepson's scarf.  He leaves tomorrow,  so I din't think I'll have it finished in time.  LOL  I've worked on my Giants blanket,  but it is just too warm to have it on my lap.

We did a trip to the beach last weekend.  It was beautiful!   got a picture of the herd of sea otters in the bay.  My stepson was counting the sea dollars he found.  It was his lucky day. LOL

Since I am posting from my phone,  these pictures are in no particular order.  Be kind to one another.


  1. I think July might be the month of zombie-ing because I felt that way too. Maybe because it is so gross outside.....can't wait for the fall!

    Wild sea otters! I have only ever seen them in zoos. That's amazing that you saw a group of them.

    My sister and I used to look for sand dollars every time we went to the beach as kids. Your stepson found quite a lot of them ;)

    I love your crochet/knit projects. I can see how you wouldn't want to stitch on the blanket in the summer.

    Our A/C was acting up earlier in the was so gross. Thank goodness for modern conveniences. I don't know how people survive without it in the summer. My brain couldn't even contemplate working on projects when the A/C was out.

    Have a great week ;)

  2. You have done a lot of knitting and crocheting! It all looks great!
    I love your beach pictures. Those sea otters are so sweet! It doesn't look like they were too worried about you being there--were you that close? (or is it a good camera!!!!) Either way, it's a cute photo!
    I love sand dollars. I've never really found any, but I have some that are dried (I guess that's what they are) and I decorate with them in a big bowl of shells.

  3. I have been finding it hard to get back into my normal stitching/blogging routine. Still too much to do and feeling a little overwhelmed from time to time, so I can relate. Funny I notice a lot of my blogging friends are finding July like this. Hopefully it all passes. Meanwhile, you have finishes...that is wonderful. I loved seeing the sea otters too. Be Kind to Yourself!!

  4. Those sea otters are so cool! And I would be with your stepson searching the beach for fun things like sand dollars. We get excited by pretty rocks on the beach at Lake Michigan!! ;)
    Have a super week my friend!

  5. Hi Angela, checking in and missing my blogging friend. Sending good thoughts your way.