Saturday, September 5, 2020

Feeling The Heat

Happy Saturday from the rancho.  Major heatwave here in California.  We hit 109 degrees today with the next few days showing a high of 115.  It is 7 pm and still 102 degrees!!  Outside chores are completed by 8 am and then I find a place to hide in the house.  LOL  Of course that does give me more time to stitch and knit.  

I completed the September section of my SAL.  Added two news color, paprika and mustard seed.  I know that I've only got three months left, but I've got quite a few mini-motifs to fill in the empty places so I can sneak those colors in.  Loving it!!

I finished a few more projects for my friend.  First is a sweet little basket.  This basket used quite a few techniques that I was not familiar with.  You make your own basket with Skirtex.  I'm used to using either wooden or paper mache boxes.  I will definitely use this technique again.  No more searching for the right size box!!

My friend is such an amazing stitcher.  Lots and lots of specialty stitches in this one.

These roses are from before the heat. 

I'm missing my dad these days.  Not sure why...just miss him.  My cousin sent me a picture of my dad, uncle and aunt.  They sure do look alike!  My dad is in the patterned shirt.  And yes, I look just like them.  I have their noses...eyes...ears...teeth.  LOL  

This is a picture of me from last year.  Recognize the nose?  LOL  I love to stop at thrift stores and try on hats.  One of the things I'm missing during Covid.  Sigh.

Still got vegetables growing in the garden.  Zucchini and tomatoes are coming in by the bushels.  Lots of cantaloupes but only a few watermelons.  And...I have my first cucumber.  I planted these a little later in the season, so glad I have anything.

So off to settle in with some stitching.  I think I'll need a tall iced tea and a fan.  LOL  Have a wonderful weekend.  Be kind to one another.


  1. You are an amazing stitcher, too, and your finishes just blow me away.
    Your dad was so lucky to call you daughter!!! I'm sure you are missing him.
    I hope you don't melt in the heat. My Las Vegas son says it's been really hot there, too. He still will take the Las Vegas temps over humid summertime temps in Ohio.
    Take good care and stitch on :)

  2. Thank you. I love stitching but really do enjoy bringing the piece to life with some special finishing. I'm not sure why I'm missing Dad. It's not his birthday...or anything particular. Just miss telling him about my roses and my garden. This heat is horrible! I was outside finishing up with my watering. All of a sudden it went from 70 degrees to 90! I couldn't get in the house fast enough. LOL Be safe.