Thursday, June 3, 2021

Is It Time to Travel?

Happy afternoon from the rancho.  Yep.  Afternoon.  I had lots of chores this morning and doctor's appointments for DH I am!

I think that I may be traveling to Iowa in a few weeks.  I've looked at my schedule, son has looked at his, and it seems that June it will be.  He is so busy.  He works all the weekends, plus he's teaching a class later this month.  If I want to see him before Christmas, I need to go to now!!  I offered to head out in September, but he's teaching full time then and would have limited time to visit.  June is not my favorite month.  The humidity is pretty high and it may rain a bit.  But it's 90 degrees here today so I guess weather is weather.  LOL

I've been feeling very out of sorts lately.  I know it's because of a year and a half at home, but boy, some mornings are tough!  I felt like this when I was caring for my dad.  It seemed that I was stuck in the same day.  Over and over and over.  Anyone who's seen the movie Groundhog knows exactly what I'm saying.  LOL  

I finally got to hug my Saturday walking buddy.  It is so nice to be vaccinated and have friends that are the same.  I really missed hugs.  I'm still a bit hesitant about throwing away the masks.  I must admit that not having colds or the flu last year was a nice side effect of wearing a mask.  A band that I really like is coming to a city about thirty miles from our house.  It's not until December...but it's inside.  I'm thinking no.  We have an outside music venue about three miles from our house and I would go there in a heartbeat. But inside?  With people?  Hmmmm.  Not ready.  

I'm slowly working on Cherry Hill.  Not even enough to post.  Also stitched a bit on  Christmastide from Threadwork Primitives.   I had to laugh at my snow.  The color as charted is Oatmeal.  Somehow I managed to choose the very whitest for the roofs and the somewhat brown-tinged for the snow on the ground.  Nope.  That's just ugly.  LOL  So pulled the ground snow out, checked the skein and choose only the whitest threads.  I could have pulled a different thread but I was already committed.  I love these little houses.

In case you all think that I'm all the is a project that I did for my DH.  It is a filter bag for one of his outside tools.  He asked me to sew the old one.  After twenty years the fabric was shredding in my hands.  I had some canvas and lined it with flannel.  I'm proud of myself.  Not particularly cute, but it does the job.  LOL


My geraniums are happy!

A bouquet from my garden.  This was one of the last irises.  

While I was snooping over at Melisa's blog, Pinker n Punkin Quilting, I found the cutest pattern for July.  I wasn't happy with my choice of white, but added some blue backstitching and am very pleased with the results. Thank you, Melisa!!

I am off like a herd of turtles.  Dinner is usually served at 5 pm.   I guess I should decide what we are having since it is 5:15.  LOL   

Be safe.  Be kind to one another.


  1. Iowa? Where in Iowa will you be? I'm in eastern Iowa. Yes, June can get warm and humid, but not as bad as July and August. If you are vaccinated, your son is, and you bring masks for just in case (crowded stores), travel should be OK. I think. The dicey part is some places like restaurants have shortened hours due to staffing issues. Oh - and All Iowa Shop Hop is happening June-July.

    1. Good morning! He is in Iowa City. Yes, both of us are vaccinated. He is a teacher at the college level, but also works at a thrift/antique store. It was really important to him that he was vaccinated. One of the employees died unexpectedly during Covid of blood clots. She was well loved by her co-workers and customers. I don't think that there was a diagnosis of Covid, but it was devastating for everyone. His boss still requires masks in the store.

      I follow Helios in Mount Vernon. Actually, I follow a LOT of fabric, wool and stitching places in the entire state. LOL

  2. DARN!!! Blogger ate my comment. Try #2.
    Love your little patriotic cross stitch. I love anything patriotic.
    Beautiful always.
    VISIT YOU SON!!! Life is too short and there are no guarantees. We must live each day like it is our last because we never know when it will be!!!

    1. YES!! The answer is yes. LOL I figure that it will take me an hour to pack my clothes, two hours to pack my projects and three hours to pack snacks. LOL

  3. So glad you are getting to the Midwest in June. We still wear our masks out and about everywhere even thought we are fully vaccinated. Better safe than sorry. What a gorgeous bouquet. Love how Melisa gives so many of her designs away constantly. Have a super weekend!

  4. I do hope you worked out the trip logistics and is now in Iowa having a great visit with your son.
    Practical stitching is good too but not as pretty as those little houses. Love to see how those plants are doing...looking good Angela!
    I get my second shot next week so we are still basically isolating though things are opening up. My moods have been all over the place lately...I guess isolation will do that to us.

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