Sunday, June 13, 2021

I've Got Travel Plans!!

Happy Sunday from the rancho.  Weather update.  We are at the start of a heatwave.  Mostly 70's last week, but 91 degrees today and heading for the 100's next week.  We have lived in this house since 1985 without air conditioning, but as we get older, we may need to rethink that.  LOL  

I've got travel plans!!  I'll be leaving for Iowa on Monday, June 21st.  So, so, so, so excited.   I usually make reservations at the hotels as I'm on the road, but thought with Covid, I would get my hotels lined up for the trip out.  All good.  I usually stay in Cedar City Utah, but I'm staying in a new town this year.  We'll see how it goes.  I may find a new favorite "travel" city.  LOL   I told my son that I  didn't "need" to do any shopping while I'm there.  At the very least I will head to The Little Red Hen in Muscatine.  Or the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg.  Or maybe I shouldn't make any promises.  LOL  I checked with my stepson and he should be home in Missouri early July.  I invited him out to dinner.  He said no...that he was inviting ME out to dinner.  How sweet is that?  DH is definitely staying home.  He's got projects and really doesn't want to drive.  My son has promised to come in December so DH is good with that. 

My garden is doing well this year.  I harvested my first carrots.  Not a lot but I've got zucchini, so stir fry it was.

My back patio is so beautiful.  I've got geraniums, sweet peas, holly hocks and dahlias.  I'll be honest...only one bloom on my sweet pea...but I'm optimistic.

Last year my neighbors gave me a potted lantana.  It's back!!  The smaller pot is petunias and snapdragons.  They are in a happy mood, too.

Colorado Cross Stitcher on Instagram/FB organized a "camp" for the summer months.  I'm not sure why I joined...but I'm having fun!  I finished my June project in plenty of time.  Harvest by Rovaris,  completed into a long pillow.

Moving right along on Christmastide.  Still in love with this piece.  

Did a little baking this past week.  I had bananas that were past the eating stage, so banana bread it was.  And since I opened a new jar of peanut butter, it was time for peanut butter cookies!!  It had been a long time since I've made peanut butter cookies and I'm afraid that I enjoyed too many of them.  LOL

Well peeps, I'm off to get some chores started.  Or take a nap.  It could go either way.  LOL  Be safe.  Be kind to one another.


  1. So glad you have your travel plans all set. :) It has been in the upper 80's and 90's here for the last two weeks. Ugh. I could not manage without A/C, especially with my migraines and with us living above the bakery also! Your garden is so pretty!

    1. We are looking at 108 degrees today! I don't think that's a real number. LOL At least my son has A/C. Worse case...I go sit in my car. I have great A/C there. LOL

  2. Good news on the trip! I live about an hour from Iowa City, but rarely go there - I don't know why driving in that town is a really stressful for me. I've been to Helios a few times. And Little Red Hen - it's Very Dangerous for my bank account so I limit my visits to a couple of times a year. Maybe a meet up at Little Red Hen is in order? I think it's been about a year since my last visit.

    I had so many plans on getting to more places for shop hop, and it's nearly 1/4 over already?!?!? GAH!

    1. Well...I have the same problem at The Little Red Hen. LOL I'm in for a meet and lunch. I'll check my schedule. I'm looking at a few other places. One in Waverly and one in Elkader. Any thoughts on those LNS?

    2. I've never been to either one of those, they're a bit farther than my normal range. I've been to:
      Fabric Stasher in Tipton - frequently, it's in the same town as I normally get groceries)
      Connie's Quilt Shop in Marion (reminds me of the Tardis - sooo much in a small place)
      Inspirations in Cedar Rapids (big store - also a Bernina & Accuquilt dealer)
      Heartland Cottons in DeWitt
      Keeping You Sewing in Clinton (also a Viking & Accuquilt dealer)

      Been to these once, not sure why not again, most likely time and just enough out of my normal directions of travel:
      Heritage Designs in Amana (just learned about this one, will be back for sure)
      Expressions in Threads in LeClaire (also a Janome dealer)
      Cotton Creek in West Branch
      Neal's Vacuum and Sewing in Muscatine (on-street or in alley parking only)

      There's also a quilt museum in Kalona, and the one in Winterset, again never been to either.

      Actually I do know why I don't get to some of these more - when I was working, not enough time. After I retired fall of 2019 I just enjoyed not going anywhere for a while. Then covid hit the following spring, and now weeding is kicking my butt. Oh - and there's the already over stuffed stash that's giving the stink eye to me.

      I'm up for Little Red Hen and lunch (no idea where to go for that).

  3. So happy to hear you are going to visit your son. It is good for the heart and soul.
    Safe travels!!!

    1. I am so ready!! I am a bit like Santa...making a list and checking it twice. LOL The really good part is that there are lots and lots of needlework shops in Iowa. LOL Just in case I forget something.