Sunday, December 22, 2013

Family of Your Heart

I have a family that was given to me by chance and another that is the family of my heart. My family of chance was given by marriage, by birth. You spin the wheel and you get the prize. I am lucky. I have a husband that stands by me. Not that I will sugar coat our life. There have been amazing highs and terrible lows. But, we are still hanging in there after 33 years. My son is my greatest achievment. I tell him this often. He smiles. Any parent would recognize this smile. It is the "sure, Mom, whatever you say" smile. But, I truly mean what I say. I am so very proud of him. He has a spirit of adventure and learning. He is well-thought of by others. He contributes to the world. I cannot ask for more. Now, for the family of my heart. There are people that I meet that touch my heart. There is never any particular reason that I can put my finger on. I just know that I have a connection with these people. I am put in a place where I add to THEIR life. It may be by encouraging them, by listening to them, by standing next to them. These people are the family of my heart. I see some every day, others only once a year. But we are still family, still have a connection. I cannot ask for more. Be kind to one another.

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