Sunday, December 29, 2013

Quiet Time

Christmas is done. Put away my tree and ornaments. All that's left is a few pieces of fudge, a couple of Christmas cookies, and the last of the Ghirardelli chocolates. Oh, and the entire unwrapped box of See's Chocolate Truffles, but I am saving that for good! Or, until I have some sort of melt-down that can only be remedied by See's... LOL Our Christmas was quiet, my father is not well, so we went for the down-sized celebration. Had an amazing visit with my son. He is such a thoughtful person. He is considerate of others and takes great care to work on relationships. I cannot ask for more. And...he showed me how to post pictures on my blog!! I asked for help, in that "I know I am the parent, but computers are just too difficult for me" tone. He gave me the usual lecture. Just click on the picture, pick the one you want, hit complete, and whoosh...there it is. No, no it's not. Even I know how to watch YouTube for directions and hints. After 20 minutes, he agreed, his directions were not working on my blog. Finally, he gave up and said that Internet Explorer is HORRIBLE, try Chrome. Hmmmm. My child was correct. So now, I am zooming into the electronic age, complete with pictures. When I am not working, or caring for family, or doing housework, or cooking dinner, or, or, or...I quilt and cross stitch. I try to do one ornament a month. That way I am not so far behind for Christmas gifts. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. My December, or maybe January, ornament is Lizzie Kate, Falalalala. I didn't use the colors called for, just didn't have all of them in my thread drawer. But stitching is for the soul, you don't get extra points for following directions.
So, I if I do not finish this in the next two days, I will either one month behind, or one month ahead. I'm going for the ahead. Be kind to one another.

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