Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hoards of Hummers and Other Birdies

I have three hummingbird feeders, all on different sides of the house.  I know how territorial these little birdies can get, so I  put them far enough apart so they can't see each other.  Each year, I get three or four pairs of Anna's Hummingbirds.  This morning I had four birds feeding at the same time at the same feeder. I was so surprised, I forgot to get a picture!  I also have a pair of orioles, but they are VERY camera shy.

A few years ago, I saw what I thought was a Rufous Hummingbird.  He, or a first cousin, has been back every year since.  He is only here for a few weeks and according to a birding map, this is a breeding/migration route.  He's really pushy, really fast, and eats a LOT!  For a tiny guy, he's got a lot of attitude.  LOL  Here is a couple of pictures I got yesterday.  Not the best, but this little guy is careful to stay far, far away when I sit on the porch.

Then at the back of the house....

There are lots of birds in my neighborhood.  We have dove, quail, sparrows, finches, mockingbirds, and a whole bunch of others.  About five years ago, we had a flock of grackles.  At first I really liked them since they chased away the blue jays, but they sure make a lot of noise.  Some mornings, it sounded like a rain forest outside my bedroom window!  LOL

Here is a picture of the newest residents in my spider plant...

I've had a nest in this plant every year for the last decade.  At the end of the season, I take out the nest, but they just rebuild every year.  This plant is right outside my front door, so each time we step out, the momma bird flies off.  I feel bad, but I have to use the door.  When I first peeked in, the babies had their beaks open, ready for a snack.  By the time I got the phone up there and focused, all I got was baby bird butts.  I think these are house sparrows.  I'll try again in a few days for a better picture...

Inside the house, here is the latest picture of my orchids....

I have a few buds left to open.  And, I've got one more plant with a spike!   I love my orchids...

Okay, peeps, I've got plans to stitch tonight, but I need to do thirty minutes on the bike first.  I'm still keeping to my schedule of exercising five days a week.  Yay for me!  Have a wonderful Easter.  I hope that each of you get a chance to spend the day exactly how you wish.  Be kind to one another.


  1. I've never had a hummingbird feeder, but I do love the birds! I see one fly by on occasion--visiting flowers. So cute and little!
    I have the same bird nest problems!!! Each year they nest under our porch. They have eggs & babies. Then when the season is over, we take down the nest and the come back the next year and build again. I guess it will always be that way!!!!

  2. I try to be quiet when I go out the door, but she still panics. You would think she would be used to me since I peek in her nest at least four times a day! LOL