Friday, April 24, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award...Things You Want to Know...

Miss Nancy over at A Symphony of Stitches put my name down for One Lovely Blog Award.  What a very sweet thought!  I don't know if I'm particularly lovely, but I do like to chat and have a tendency to over-share!  LOL

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Seven things about myself....

1.  I have been a Daddy's girl my entire life.  One of my favorite memories of childhood is walking across our cow pasture after changing pipes and my dad would hold my hand the whole way. I love my dad so much....

2.  I work in the food service department of a state prison.  I have 31 years of service and hope to retire in one year.

3.  I have a 27 year old son that is my pride and joy.  We home schooled through high school graduation.  I was worried that he would not be accepted to college.  Not to worry.  He is currently enrolled at his second university and will the first person in our family to receive a MFA.

4.  I love anything pumpkin.  Pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin butter, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, and more pumpkin and more pumpkin.  Oh, and I like to stitch pumpkins, too!  LOL

5.  The farthest I have ever walked at one time was nine miles.  It was kind of an accident, but would love to do it again!  I am walking a 10K next month...YAY!  It's a little over 6 miles, but this is my third year and I am ready.

6.  I married at age 20 and have been married for 35 years.  Some of it happy, some not so happy, but we are a team.  There is no way I could care for my dad without his help.  But, to keep him on his toes, I tell my DH that I watch a lot of CSI and Law and Order, so be careful...very careful...

7. I love Rod Stewart...I've seen him twice in concert and he is a showman!  On the other hand, I can sing most of the Carpenter songs.  La la la...Close to you....And Elton John.  Who doesn't love Elton John?  And Billy Joel.  Who doesn't love Billy Joel?  And...never mind, got carried away.  LOL

8.  (I know, one more than I'm supposed to list)  I really do stitch.  LOL  At one time, I was known to stitch for hours at a time.  Now, if I stay awake, I might get in 15 minutes a day.

On to my closing.  I'm afraid that most of the blogs I read have already been listed as a lovely blog, so I won't add any here.  Sorry if I'm being a rebel.  LOL

I do enjoy my blog and it is as much for me as it is for the reader.  I have found that as life becomes more difficult, it is very important that I take the time to keep in touch with others.  Because I think that  my friends and family are sometimes uncomfortable with my discussions of Hospice and death, it is much easier to put my thoughts to words and share with others that do not have to see me each day.  I am uncomfortable with being in the spot light and do not expect comments.  But I like to think that somewhere in the world, I may have given a little spot to visit that made them think or smile for a moment.

Be kind to one another.


  1. Hi Angela,
    I tried to reply to you about the comment you left on my blog but couldn't so I found you here :) A little confession regarding the stuffed peppers -- I don't like peppers either so I just use it as a little bowl and eat the stuffed insides. LOL

  2. Very interesting to learn more about you!
    I especially enjoyed reading about the music--I haven't seen Rod Stewart in concert, but I have seen Elton John and Billy Joel--two of my faves!
    Don't worry about not listing other blogs--I didn't put as many as we were supposed to, either! haha
    Frances (alias Miss Nancy!! hahaha)

    1. Oh, Frances, I am so sorry! I didn't even get the first letter right! LOL I am notorious for calling people the wrong name. I called an older inmate worker Austin for over six months. One day, someone yelled Allen and he answered. I asked why he didn't tell me that I had his name wrong. He said he didn't want to hurt my feelings, I was always so nice and made the effort to say good morning, he thought I would be embarrassed after so many months!