Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Biding Its Time....

So here I am, minding my own business.  Enjoying my little trips, my walks, everyday "stuff" that makes it all worth it....

Meanwhile, in the background, a nasty little cold bug was biding its time.  First, there was the slightly sore throat.  Okay, lots of pollen and garbage in the air.  I can cope.  Then came the headache.  Not too bad, I get migraines.  A few Excedrine Migraine and a diet Mt Dew, I'm good.  Now, the weight on my chest.  The cough.  The "I felt great yesterday, what happened today?" feeling.  The distinct thought that if I don't lay down, I will fall down.  It is 6:45 pm.  I am taking a shower, grabbing my blankie, and heading towards the couch.  I am trying to stay away from my dad, last thing he needs is my nasty cold.  DH is in town at a meeting, hope he is home soon to do the last of the chores…. 

So I close this with no pictures, no stitching, minimum participation.

Be kind to one another.


  1. Oh no...sorry to hear that! Maybe you can get over it quickly! I had something similar, myself, and I took mucinex and it seemed to help. Maybe you need some!
    Get well quick!

    1. Thanks! I kinda sound like Marlene Dietrich...LOL It's Friday, three day weekend. I CAN DO IT!


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  3. Sometimes it is best to just leave the pictures for another time, I hope you are feeling better soon.