Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all, whether you are a mother by birth, or a mother of the heart.  And if you are a father doing double duty, Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

I have learned over the years that love is not simple.  You have the love of a spouse, the love of a sibling, the love of friends.  Sometimes, loves fades away.  Once I became a mother, I found a love that knew no end.  I will admit, my son was not a difficult child.  I was blessed.  He was not ill, not born with any disabilities, and he is the only one I have.  I quickly realized that I would give my last breath for him.  Even though he is now 27 and lives far away, I still talk to him on the phone a few times a week and receive post cards in the mail for no reason.

I know that I am not the norm with my son.  There are mothers that have raised their children the same as me, but have lost connection.  Their children drifted away from their families and never found their way back.  I will say that I have no relationship with my mother.  She is one of those people that should not have had children.  We were a hindrance.  I still remember her calling us "curtain jerkers" among other things.  She was in and out of our lives from the time we were very young.  My father was the rock that kept us safe.  When I was an adult, I found her and built a relationship.  I thought that things were better, but once again, her own needs and alcohol won over her children.  Am I sad?  Not as much as I used to be.  You keep the people that add to your life, otherwise, you move on.  It sounds harsh, but that is how I have survived.  

Through all this, I have learned to be a good mother.  My heart sings when my son calls. Sometimes he asks how to cook pasta, other times he wants my opinion on things much more important issues.  I cannot ask for any more.

So today, celebrate your relationships with the ones you love.  Hold them close, tell them that you love them.  Be kind to one another.



  1. I am glad you and your son have a wonderful relationship Angela. Our oldest is only 20, but we have good relations with all three of our kids. My father was not there for us at all. I had to move on as an adult also.

  2. It sounds like you raised a wonderful young man. I hit the jackpot with my Mom (but my Dad was a challenge)