Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Puppies, Winter Gardening and What Day is It?

Good morning and happy whatever day this may be.  LOL  I have a phone and a calendar yet still seem to be unable to keep up with the passage of time.  My hubby and I both tested negative for Covid, but TEN days later, yes, TEN days, I was contacted by the county health department and was told that I should quarantine for another fourteen days.  I told them that I tested negative but they were insistent that that was not enough and we should stay home...again.  I have all respect for keeping this virus in check but their concern was a bit late.  Sigh.  

This past August, my not-so-DH decided that we should breed our mini-Aussie.  He has several friends that really wanted one of her puppies.  I did not agree...there are always animals to adopt.  He takes great pleasure in telling people that he listens to me then does as he pleases.  Pretty much true.  He can be very annoying.  All that being said...he went ahead with his plan.  Whether I agreed or not, I was sucked into the program.  Here are some puppy pictures to make ya'll smile.  I have decided to keep one for myself.  He is the runt and only half the size of the others.  He wasn't expected to live.  I wasn't sure what his super powers would be so I named him Jack Jack after the baby from The Incredibles.  They all have homes and the last one is leaving on Sunday.

Basket of puppies.

Jack Jack.

Jack Jack after his spa day.

Eating...they sound like termites.

Nothing like a snack to bring the group together.  LOL

In other news, I am catching up on my gardening chores.  The roses are sleeping for the winter.  You can see my vegetable pots in the background.  Everything is done for the season and waiting for Spring.

My two-vine vineyard.  Loved the raisins I made last year and have plans to make all of this year's crop into the same.

Only gardening left to finish is cleaning up my irises.  That is on today's chore list.

Just so you know that I'm still stitching...here is the 2020 SAL Quaker.  Before you ask...yes, I'm a bit behind.  LOL

Working on the WTNT Christmas piece.  Santa is faceless, but hoping to get that done as soon as I'm finished with the SAL.

Well, off to start my chores.  We are almost out of big-dog snacks so I am definitely going to town.  Have a fabulous week and be kind to one another.


  1. Oh my goodness! Jack Jack is the perfect name!! And he is adorable! Will you get mama spayed now? Your stitching looks fabulous!

  2. Oh, my goodness. Those puppies are too stinking cute!!! 10 of them? How big is a mini-Aussie that she could have so many pups? Congrats of Jack Jack.
    Your SAL is wonderful!!!

    1. She had 12! She lost two at birth. Daisy is about 30 pounds...the same size as a small border collie. That girl is fertile. LOL

  3. Forgot to ask...Did they give a reason as to why you needed an additional 14 days of quarantine if you are negative?

    1. Because maybe I was really positive, even though I tested negative. I can't keep up with the process. I just buy extra canned goods when I can and break out my crafts. LOL