Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No More Late Nights for This Lady!

Howdy from the rancho!

The California Mid-State Fair is half over.  Husband and stepson headed into town for visit number four.  Honestly, I did one late night and I am still moving slow two days later...

The Brantley Gilbert concert was wonderful!  He knows how to play to his fans.  I am a country fan that likes a touch of rock thrown in, so his was the perfect concert.  His opening act was Colt Ford. Country, but with a little more rap than I'm used to.  I still like him.  Had a great time with family. Here are some snaps of me, my sister, my husband and stepson, getting ready to start the party!  Not really a party, but we were pretty excited.  I had to get up the next day at 4 am, so soda only for me!   As it was, we didn't get home until 11 pm. I do not function well with only four and half hours of sleep.  LOL

Me and Hubby.  I am so bad at selfies!!  LOL

The fairgrounds is very nice, lots of rock work, a few waterfalls, flowers.  With the drought, they've pulled out a lot of the grass, but it's still pretty.  Here is husband and stepson.  

We did a walk through the buildings.  The home arts building had very little cross stitch, only a few quilts. I was disappointed in the amount of items, but the quality was great.  I will save the pictures of my favorites for the next post.  I enjoyed the flower/plant exhibits, but forgot to take pictures!  Silly me.  

So tonight, it's just me and Dad.  We finished up dinner and I will be shutting down the rancho for the night.  The boys want me to go one more time to the fair, but I don't know...that one night did me in! I remember when I used to go all day, all night, and then start all over the next morning.  LOL  That's not how it works now!!  

Wishing a great week for all, be kind to one another.


  1. Thanks for sharing such nice family pictures Angela. I smiled along with you guys.
    I hear ya on the Fair routine. Fun getting older, right? ha! I will be running fast to the needlework exhibits at our State Fair though. ;)
    Does California have more than one State Fair?

  2. Our fair is a county fair, but it is one of the largest in California. The state fair is held in Sacramento. I've been a few times. The arts exhibits are amazing and there is quite a large section of animals. I love cows and spent a few hours there! LOL

  3. I too loved seeing your photos Angela. You look nice and happy too. Glad to see you getting out and enjoying yourself. Fairs offer a great sense of community and fun.